Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top iPhone Applications for Preschoolers

It might not be commonly known yet but the iPhone can be a valuable distraction for a preschooler. That is if you’re brave enough to even let your preschooler touch your precious electronic gadget.

My iPhone has come in handy at restaurants, waiting for the wife while she’s shopping, doctor’s office, parties with no kids, airplanes, car rides, movie theaters, work, etc.

As of today, my daughter has tried about 30+ iPhone apps geared for children 2-5 and these are ones that stand out from the others. And the best part is, some actually teach while keeping her entertained.

ABC Animals - $3. A simple ABC flashcard application that not only says the letter and associate picture, but your preschooler can trace the letter too. Well worth the $3 when compared to physical flashcards.

Disney Fairies Fly (Tinker Bell) - $5. This has to be one of the best looking games on the iPhone. Beautiful art, animation, and music. My daughter has some difficulty trying to get the game started as the start buttons don’t flash, or give voice prompts so I usually have to “start” the game. Game play is fairly simple, just tilt up and down. I recommend this for a fairly proficient 3-4 year old with some experience with games.

Preschool Arcade - $1. A very fun preschool application with 3 games in 1. ABC Invasion being the very best of the bunch, and the claw-crane coming in 2nd. The pinball could use some work as we’re still not sure what exactly you’re suppose to do. Hopefully they’ll correct on an update.

iChalky - $2. This is a weird one as there’s not much for an adult to be amused with, but for a preschooler it’s like playing with a trapped bug in a jar.

Wheels on the Bus - $3. A very clever application of the famous song that features interative features such as wiping the window and open/closing the door.
The best part is hearing the song in other languages.

iNeko - FREE. It’s like having a real cat without all the work. It seems my daughter’s favorite thing to do is shaking the phone to change the BG color. And out course waking the cat up, which is something real cats love.

Jirbo Memory Match - FREE. Another great free game! My daughter can literally play this for a full 15 minutes without moving. I want to send these game creators a bucket of chicken as thanks for their birthday.

Koi Pond - $1. If there’s just one game you have to get, it’s this one. It’s just like having your own personal fish tank except without the cleanup and smell. My daughters’ favorite thing to do are shaking the iPhone to feed them, making ripples in the water, and keeping her finger still until the fish nibble at it. She still swears to this day it tickles when they do that!

MewMew Tower - $2. This game is not only a preschool favorite, it’s one of mine too as I’ve always wanted to stack cats (personal record 41.) My daughter loves to stack them and then try to balance them by tilting the iPhone. She breaks out laughing when they all squeal and fall down. She has a dark side, just like me.

Preschool Adventure - $1. This game is such a great bargain, 5 really good games in one very well done application. There’s narration, funny noises and animation, and did I mention it’s only $1?

Spongebob Tickler - $2. A fun application that’s worth a few minutes of distraction with Spongebob’s REAL voice. All you pretty much do is poke at him and he really enjoys it. And he makes bubbles.

Suzy Dress Up - $1. My daughter loves this one, as it’s just dressing up a doll – and – the developer usually releases holiday outfit updates. My only complaint is the art style as I wish it didn’t have to look like a Bratz hoochie. Until somebody makes a princess one, this will do.

Make a Martian - $1. Same makers of Suzy dress up, except you create a freaky looking monster alien. Shaking it usually makes very entertaining results.