Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Razor Review: Quattro Titanium Trimmer & a Lionel Richie Pillow Fight

When the good folks over at Schick wanted to send me something called The Quattro Titanium Trimmer I thought they were referring something like a nuclear powered chainsaw with lasers.
The names for razors these days are almost comical; but nevertheless effective in getting guys like me interested.

This thing is huge, nearly the size of a small child that hasn’t eaten in days. It has your standard disposable 4 razors (because 1 is never enough) with coated Titanium (to protect you from rampant mutant radiation and skin irritation.) And it has a little trimmer that does all kinds of neat tricks like shaves the sideburns, pesky ear hair (no I don’t have any….yet) and maybe a nearby cat that won’t leave you alone.
While using this fancy thing the past few days I found that it makes for a good microphone when the wife or daughter come walking by. I sing a pretty mean Andy Gibb.

As for performance - no complaints here. The thing works pretty well. It a razor -- I’m not sure what more it can do than give a good shave. It didn’t make me bleed, or scare airplanes.
I could say that if you use it, it’ll make you better looking. But it doesn’t. Give it a few more years though and I’m sure it will, including the power of flight.

Do you want one for FREE?

Go over to to make a video and they’ll send you one FOR FREE! The video is one of those personalized picture upload ones where you can see yourself pillow fight with either uncomfortably young college girls, weird looking circus clowns, or ...guys with their shirts off??
Because I’m old and don’t want to fight any of these, I uploaded a picture of Lionel Richie in my place.

Here’s a screenshot:

(imagine Commodores music playing)

And here's the real thing:

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